About me

Website of Eosul – Sound and Image.

Music maker, Guitar Teacher, Video & Web.Graduate of Multimedia-CIT & Film Studies UCC.

CoSongwriter/producer at Startropic and Exit pursued by a bear. Theme tune writer for RTE comedy Sketch! I have classical guitar and music qualifications and I have been playing/producing music and been in bands for a large portion of my life during  which time I have gained much recording/audio-technology experience. Highlights include performing live on National Radio and at Electric Picnic. I am currently working as an AudioVisual/IT professional in UCC by day and  I also work as an occasional guitar teacher. I am passionate about all thing musical and audio-visual so this website is an outlet and repository for various projects I get involved in: music making and teaching music, video/film, web, tech, multimedia, blogging etc. All views expressed here are my own.