In 2012 I completed Grade 8 with the Trinity Guildhall exams and I also recently completed a Cert in Music at UCC. I am currently in a position to start giving regular lessons in the Cork area mostly in the evenings or weekends, see poster above for contact details.  I can cater lessons to most guitar styles and levels. I can also help learn about guitar fretboard theory and reading music. I can also help learn about audio technology and the setting up of computers for recording and audio production (see poster above). Go to my Youtube page or my soundcloud for examples of my playing. I have been playing music most of my life I have also played in various rock and folk bands over the years and. I played the violin when I was child and by the age of 14 I decided to learn guitar and play in garage rock bands with my friends. Besides Exit pursued by bear and my own music writing (see Music page) I have played in an Irish folk band that gigged in the States for a summer, an African percussion group that played at some Irish Summer Festivals and recently an easy listening acoustic combo with singer Tadhg Hickey. Listen below for a short samples of my guitar playing. They were recorded on the road through laptop speakers so you can hear some ambience from noisy Thailand in the background.