Theme tune writer for RTE2 comedy pilot Sketch!

I was co-theme tune writer for RTE2 comedy pilot Sketch! which was broadcast on RTE2 on 26th of December 2015 and will broadcast again on the 4th of January 2016. The music was written and produced with Brian Lane under our group name Startropic. Check out the RTE2 player to watch Sketch! online. Also have […]

My music video selected to show at the Cork Underground Film Festival

This is a first for me to get something shown in an official capacity on the Big Screen. My music video for the song ‘Rabbit with Hat’ written by Exit: pursued by a bear ( my band)  has been selected in the music video section for the Cork Underground Film Festival. Video was shot last year […]

Photography from travels

Check out my Photography Page for a series of Photos from my travels, mostly from trip to South East Asia in 2014 and recently added some from a trip to the California 2010.

Vietnam Travel Video

  A video from travels in Vietnam earlier in 2014. Footage is from throughout Vietnam though was mostly shot in rural Vietnam, just didn’t get a the opportunity to shoot a lot of city footage. Warning: Includes some images from the War Museum in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City. Music is an ambient track I put […]

Polacca by Mertz – Youtube Guitar

An excerpt from Polacca By Mertz. Not intended to be a faithful version.This is my reworking or for want of a better word sampling of a piece I did for my Grade 8 Trinity exam a few years ago. I took parts from the piece and tried to put a different slant/arrangement on it. Just […]

The Wolf of Wall Street – A Review

SPOILER ALERT “OK walking’s out, alright think, what else is there? Yes! I can crawl” when Jordan Belfort lies incapacitated on the Country Club floor after the dose of Quaalude drugs belatedly kicks in, instead of wallowing in this primitive state, he focuses on what faculties he has available to him and drags himself, inebriated, […]