Theme Tune Writer for CCCahoots RedFm Online Series

I was the theme tune writer for this CCCahoots and RedFm online series called the Fox’s Ears. I was commissioned by Cork Comedy Troupe and production company CCCahoots to write and record the original song. The ditty was written on a Ukulele and recorded and mixes in my home studio in Cork Ireland. For more […]

CCChoots Sketch – Glen Chancer

I shot and edited this skit on Glen Hansard and the Apollo house movement for Cork based comedy production crew CCChoots,  a company whose following is growing all the time.  

New song/video for Exit:Pursued by a bear – ‘Rabbit with Hat’

My band has its long overdue new song and video out ‘Rabbit with Hat’. Check it out! Thanks to everyone involved in the music and the video and not forgetting the funders from our campaign a few years ago. I also shot the video for it in Thailand a while back. Get on iTunes: the album […]

Theme tune writer for RTE2 comedy pilot Sketch!

I was co-theme tune writer for RTE2 comedy pilot Sketch! which was broadcast on RTE2 on 26th of December 2015 and will broadcast again on the 4th of January 2016. The music was written and produced with Brian Lane under our group name Startropic. Check out the RTE2 player to watch Sketch! online. Also have […]

Polacca by Mertz – Youtube Guitar

An excerpt from Polacca By Mertz. Not intended to be a faithful version.This is my reworking or for want of a better word sampling of a piece I did for my Grade 8 Trinity exam a few years ago. I took parts from the piece and tried to put a different slant/arrangement on it. Just […]

About me

Website of Eosul – Sound and Image. Music maker, Guitar Teacher, Video & Web.Graduate of Multimedia-CIT & Film Studies UCC. CoSongwriter/producer at Startropic and Exit pursued by a bear. Theme tune writer for RTE comedy Sketch! I have classical guitar and music qualifications and I have been playing/producing music and been in bands for a […]


 Travel Video I shot from a recent trip Vietnam along with some ambient music I wrote for the soundtrack. Shot on a Canon 550d. This is my first ever You Tube upload, a video postcard of the Chinese New year celebrations in Phuket Town Thailand. I wrote some new music especially for the video too.Shot […]